Charbon de bois

Charcoal for grill

Fabrication franšaise


CARBO-BRIQ, created in September 2008, manufactures high-end charcoal bricks.

The raw material (charcoal fines) required for manufacturing this product is mainly supplied by Bordet-Maîtres Feux and Carbobois who developed this new manufacturing unit.

The plant is located at Braize in Allier and covers a surface area of 10 ha where over 7,000 m2 of buildings are established.


Our plant is equipped with cutting-edge equipment which meets the environmental and safety standards in force.

unite de production briquettes

Our internal organisation enables us to guarantee a top-quality control and traceability of our charcoal bricks.

Within the context of expanding our group, our Carbo-Briq company aims to recycle the collected waste manufacturing a high quality and natural product.

Charcoal brick

This is a high quality product that meets standard DIN 51749-B.

Our charcoal brick is designed for domestic use on barbecues.

Our charcoal brick is a clean, economical and practical product which will give you complete satisfaction.

CARBO-BRIQ aims to present a high-end natural product.

Briquettes 3Kg

The charcoal brick is the result of an agglomeration of charcoal fines, a natural binder and water.

All of the stages of the manufacturing process are totally neutral for the environment.
3Kg Bricks

Briquettes 3Kg

These various stages take place in a closed circuit with recycling of all of the by-products.

Our product is packed in 3 Kg to 10 Kg bags and grouped on shrink-wrapped europ pallets.
5Kg Bricks

Briquettes 10Kg

Our high-end charcoal brick guarantees long lasting burning and a good glow.

Our charcoal brick is a 100% ecological product.
10Kg Bricks

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